TPRV drain piping

Twice now I have seen water heaters with the TPRV drain pipe discharging into the catch pan. I know that this is not allowed per the 2000 Uniform Plumbing code however Alabama adopted the 2003 International Plumbing Code. Is this type of termination exceptable per the International Plumbing Code?

I don’t think it is the best solution but as long as the pan has a proper drain and the TPRV drain doesn’t terminate below the flood rim of the pan I don’t think there is anything against it.

2003 IRC section P2803.6.1 Blah blah blah… The discharge shall be installed in a manner that does not cause personal injury or property damage…
If it can splash up out of the pan from the pressure I would say that could cause personal injury and/ or property damage. The pan would need to be of sufficient depth to prevent that.

I agree Randall----just trying to make excuses for what the ruling jusidiction inspectors allow. How about splashing up off a basement floor? How about blowing off on the cat when it drinks the water dripping from the properly terminated drain to the exterior within 6" of the ground. The biggest possible personal injury is if the tank itself goes through the roof, so some amount of compromise is bound to happen in relation to “controling” the discharge.

Thanks for the help and comments