Tprv What would you do

In a bit of a discussion on this one .lol
I was told by listing agent nothing wrong with this and was up to code when the home was built. ( his contractor said so ) He is sending me a bill for the contractor

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Strange, I was told the same thing a couple days ago… :shock::roll:

Tell him to cite the code from the year the house was built.

P.S. It really doesn’t matter when the house was built. The code that applies was the code in effect when the current water heater was installed.

It also doesn’t matter what the code was at the time the water heater was installed. All that matters is the condition at the time of the inspection.

Tell him to have his contractor document his opinion in writing with your attached photograph, include his license number and signature, as you have done, so that you may share it with the proper licensing authority.

You can also pull the manufacturer’s installation instructions for the device which will clearly indicate that the installation is improper if you want to avoid discussing “code”.

Send him this:

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]I wouldn’t debate with agent or contractor. Personally I would only explain the reasons for the concern to my client and document it in my report (which I’m sure you did) and move on to next inspection, end of story.

LOL. what i did is explain to him about the install, asked for a letter from his contractor, he said he was sending me a the bill for the letter, I said i be glad to pay it from a License Plumber. he hung up on me go figure.

you called his bluff, he folded

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Well played Sir…

Code compliance is not for when the house was built in this case… It is for when that water heater was installed. All water heaters installed by professionals or home owners need the stamp of approval from a municipal inspector. That water heater looks new to me and I doubt it was inspected and stamped. Besides, the most important thing is that it is a safety hazard.

A stamp of approval must be a local thing.

ha ha …good thought.

I’ll bet Rheem would love that kind of advertising should the thing lift off like a rocket.:roll:

I wonder if his contractor was from Florida. They are experts in TPR valves… :mrgreen: