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Hello everyone. I am doing a small Realtor Trade show in Greenville S.C. next month. I want to set up a slide show of Thermal images but will never have enough of my own by then. My question is does any one have any they would be willing to let me use? I will give credit to your business on the slide show and would never claim they are from jobs I have done. My intentions are to try to educate consumers and Realtors as to what Thermal Imaging is about by having them see the slide show and stop and talk to me about it. If I book any jobs great but I am trying to get the word out as they say. Any and all suggestions as to how to handle this are welcome. I have done a few of these as an H.I. and used a powerpoint presentation on buildings and building science as well as a break down of what a H.I. is or should be that many people commented on as to how much it taught them. I would love to be able to do the same with Thermal Imaging.



Can you get online there? Project

I will be able to when I set up but not with anything there. I just got a new Sprint Blackberry with internet access and tethering for a computer for $105.00 dollars a month so I can upload and send my reports from the site of my inspections now. No looking for a wireless up link. When I finalize the deal I am going to put you in contact with the guy and have him talk to you about getting all iNachi members some form of this deal if you will talk with him. He is setting this up for the Upstate iNachi group at my request.

That video makes me lots of money.

You do not need an internet connection to show
(A Consumers Guide To Infrared Thermography).

Simple watch the video in your IE browser and then look in your cache for
“episode 33”. It will be a flv (flash) file.

There are several free flash viewers you can get on the internet, if you need one.

Now you can put the video on LOOP and it will play all day without being
connected to the internet.

Contact me if you need help.

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It is free for anyone.

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Email me and let me know what kind of images you would like and I can send you some.

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