Trade Shows for Home Inspectors. New inspection-related article.

Trade Shows for Home Inspectors.

nice article.

They do work well and do help to get your name out there .
A great way to meet people .
We did many some free and some we paid for a both .

Nice article Nick, would love to do a trade show in my area. We usually have one once a year downtown.

Talk to your real-estate agents they frequently have a small group who wish to learn about Buying a home usually a lawyer is their and some times an insurance agent and a home inspector .
Talk to an Mortgage broker they frequently have a group of agents get together .
These all worked well for us and we got hooked up with a great lawyer who was looking for a good Homie .
Cost frequently zero and some times a small Dollar amount .
Small give always worked good for us example a Dollar Tape measure for all .
We had gold labels made up and we sprayed them with Clear coat so the label’s last .
See some many years later this one is about ten years old two coats of spray works great