Traffic heading north on I-75 Gainesville Cam

Check out the traffic cam .
I-75 heading north …

It will only get worse. Leave now

Yep! For people in the line of the storm.
I’m high and dry here in High Springs.

Here is one on Paynes Prairie just south of Gainesville…
There isn’t one car headed south.

hey Roy got a link for the cameras?

Be safe Roy.

Surprised they didn’t open at least one shoulder for traffic or implement contraflow.

Hope you guys are all safe

Yes it will be worse tomorrow , given the new forecast and likely mandatory evacuations.
Been watching this daily since this last week. At more than one point there was stand still traffic for over 100 and even 200 miles on FL TP, 75,and /or 95. We made it to Brandon tonight in normal travel time. There were law enforcement officers pumping the brakes for speeders at nearly every single cross over from Naples to here.

They will learn from this storm.

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I’m above the 500 year floodplain at my location.

ha ha ha. We’ve had that broken in my area on the mississippi a few times since I’ve been alive.

Houston is experiencing its third ‘500-year’ flood in 3 years.