Training nachi

So I with the Nachi requirements, it say’s that every year you need to re-take the Nachi quiz, the one that is 120 questions. It is not under my education log on when I need to re-take that quiz and if I want to take it early where will the results show up or is this just an internal Nachi thing?

Be careful…there are two versions of the test. One for NACHI members and another for the free loaders.

Check with Nick to get the right link.

It never shows up on your CE log as it is just an exam. An exam isn’t a course and so it isn’t awarded any CE and so it doesn’t show up on your log or your transcript:

So if its a requirement to take once every year how is it monitored and when do people know its time to take again?

We don’t send out reminders for this, we only send reminders for CEs as that is all we record in your transcript.