Training programs for pre-licensing

I’ve found the InterNACHI materials really helpful in getting ready to take the NHIE but I’m curious how it stacks up against the other training programs out there. I’m all about cross referencing and granularity when I’m learning a new craft since rote memorization is useless in my opinion. I’m not getting any field or hands on training from an actual inspector so this is quite important in my opinion. I’m not trying to find the “best” program out there but ones that would be a good companion to what I’m learning here. By the way Nick, I was a chef for 10 years, working in some of the best restaurants in the world so if you set up a payment plan and let me pay in three installments so I can come to Colorado next month I’ll cook everyone there the best meal they’ve EVER had!!! I’m only half joking. Actually I’m not joking at all.