Found this in an attic today. It appeared to be wired to something under the insulation. My thought was perhaps it was used to hardwire the smoke detectors. I know if was live because it was buzzing.

Home built in the 60’s. What do you think this is being used for?


As the name staes (Lionel) Trainmaster, I’m sure you know what the transformer was originally intended for. Todays use???

Exactly Jeff. It is a control for a train set from another era. Why it woud be plugged in and buzzing, beyond me, homeowner fix for something?

You can laugh , but with the low voltage I see the knob set at it may be powering the doorbell.

still dangerous for that application in my opinion …i watched mine go up in a puff of smoke as a kid…

I’ve seen them burn up too, years ago. Bad deal there, IMHO.

I would bet Robert is right on the money. Kind of a shame, though…a vintage item hidden in the attic. It certainly would not be rated for continuous duty like that, though - not to mention being in a high-heat area. I also wonder where the primary (HV) side is connected.

I used to have a controller similar to that many moons ago when I was a kid.