TRAMEX MRH III Moisture and Humidity Meter. Unbeatable InterNACHI price!

Just $399 for InterNACHI members.

Nick you are going to need someone to review the product. Send one down my direction and I will report back. Items sell faster when they have positive reviews.

Can anyone find this meter at a better price anywhere?

Nope, it’s a good price. Accepts optional probes, which the Encounter Plus does not. If I didn’t already have an Extech 297, I would consider this meter.

That price can’t be beat for what all you get.

We have a certification logo that goes well with the TRAMEX moisture meter: Become a Certified Moisture Intrusion Inspector
Moisture meter:

And here’s a video about the meter:



how about locking all the logos for those that actually do merit their usage
as it stands right now anyone could put the sticker on anything & screw up the perceived image

I realize you posed this question a couple of months ago, but yes, I’ve found this meter for as low as $335 on Amazon and $329 on
Glad I shopped around before buying.