Tramex Wet Wall Detector For Sale

My Tramex Wet Wall Detector was collecting dust on my filing cabinet so I’ve put it up for sale on eBay. If someone is looking to get into EIFS inspections, this is the tool you need. You can save a couple hundred bucks over the price of a new one.

The unit works fine. I have the carrying pouch, User Manual and both sets of warranty papers that have not been filled out. I’ve pretty much stopped doing EIFS only inspections and no longer have a need for this unit. (I’ve done two this year)

You can see more info and pictures of the unit here:

Thanks and good luck,


Where in the world is Conroe, Texas. Is this one of those south Texas Tramex meters that are clogged with humidity so they always read 49%?

Where you been?? I tried calling you 2-3 times last week. I was down by you doing an Expert Witness job.

A Northern Inspector.