Trane Aux. Heat ran for 2 hrs.

The heat pump was a Trane 2 Ton 1992 unit that ran on auxiliary heat for 1 hrs to reach 72*, house was about 60*. Stopped unit and bumped up slowly to 73* and auxiliary heat ran until it reached 73*. I’m just wondering whats wrong, i will request an HVAC tech. to evaluate. I hope its a heat pump (didn’t see the reversing valve). Cooling had a 30 amp breaker heating had 50 amp breaker. Any ideas what the problem might be??? TKS

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What is the model number of the unit?

Trane Model# TWR024C100AO Serial # G3427992 TKS

was there a heating element installed in the FCU?

Often the t stat is not matched to the type of heating equipment.

Update your info w/ your location.

I didn’t open the air handler, but it did have this label on the side.

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If it was 60 degrees inside and you raised the stat to 70 degrees according to your name plate there are two electrical heat strips in the AH that should have activated with the second stage of the stat. I would have checked them with a amp meter to ensure they were operating.

One can not say they have effectively checked the operation of a heat pump system without a amp meter and without removing the cover of the indoor AHU go buy a amp meter for your tool bag