Transferring data from

For the last several days, I’ve noticed from all the NACHI pages, the “hour-glass” icon on my computer is constantly going. It’s like the page is continuously loading.

I also noticed, in the lower left hand side of my page, the message: “Transferring data from…”

Anyone know why? Is it a problem?

Hi Mark,

I don’t see the same issue going on. But whenever you have external scripts running like most of us do, in this case Google Analytics, your site can slow down if theirs does. Could be just coincidence though, can you browse ok?

I’m not having any problems here, but for the last few weeks I’ve had *that *problem with my yahoo home page. It shows the page, but continues to say waiting for my yahoo, with the dial spinning. And with the article preview, sometimes it works, sometimes not. I have IE 7. Never had this problem before.

Http:// install that and see if you have the same problem in FireFox.

Dom…not to change the subject…BUT…why would I be getting so may errors from Firefox after installing the newest version…never had a problem with the older version.

I was thinking about going back to the other one.

Where are you getting the errors? Click on Tools->Add Ons and disable everything there and restart firefox and see if the errors go away.

That’s the version of Firefox that I am running.

Do you know how to turn off google-analytics? Do I want to do that?


You can’t turn it off, it’s embedded into the NACHI pages (without totally disabling javascript and you don’t want to do that). I doubt that’s the problem though. Try doing the same thing I mentioned to Dale above and see if that fixes the problem. Also try logging in from IE and see if you have it.

I think I found the problem.

After shutting Firefox down, when I went to re-start it, I got a windows message say that another copy of firefox was already running. I went into the TaskManager and listed the processes, and sure enough an latent firefox.exe was still running. I killed the process, started firefox back up, and all seems well.

Thanks for the input folks.

Sounds good :slight_smile:

Hi Dom…that did not solve anything for me…I keep getting error messages when I close the screen, Firefox asks if I want to restart the program or quit the program, if I click quit, it sends the error message to them (supposedly)–)

But I do not notice any errors, so I really don’t know what the issue is other than they want the error message, and I have to restart Firefox.

Ahhh…I wonder if this is my issue also?

Dom or Mark…being the computer idiot I am…how do I get the Task Manager to appear?..what do I click----and/or hold down…etc, etc—:shock:----:smiley:



Down at the bottom of your screen in the “task bar”, right click on the gray blank area (not on an icon or anything else). A context menu will display. (actually it might not be gray if you changed the colors of your windows.)

Choose “Task Manager” from that menu. Once the task manager starts, choose the “Processes” Tab. In the list, look for “firefox.exe”. If you see it, click it one time and then click on the “End Process” button in the lower right hand side of the window.

Hope that helps.

Dale, you can also reboot the computer. Safe effect.

Ya…but Firefox does this every time I start or stop the computer…I always turn it off at night…the older version would not start also would it (the next day)?

Something else is up then. Did you try disabling the plugins?