There is no way of taking trap apart to clean if need be. This is a new build, wondering if this is common in other areas? I would think this would need to be corrected.
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generally glued as shown these days Gary …

Looks like a typical trap to me. I would not call it out as an issue.

**Model # SNAKE-MINI **

Shower pan, drain trap isn’t it?

Yes Brian, shower drain pan. If it were me buying this home, I am old school, I would like to be able to take it apart and clean it.

I have a city of Dayton Plumbing license. No you dont leave shower traps that can be taken apart only sinks. This is correctly installed for Ohio.:slight_smile:

My question would be on access panels.

The trap pictured is glued and from my knowledge would not require an access panel.

Traps with movable parts would require an access panel.

Please correct me if I am wrong or inform me on the requirements for access panels.

I always note if there are no access panels present.

You never know if there is an old drum trap or leak lurking behind or under the fixtures.

So does this means you wouldn’t buy a slab-on-grade house, with a stall shower on the ground floor? :wink:

Hey Jeff, I guess that slab thing makes access a little tough.

Just a little. . .

They do the same here in Ontario including the bathtub trap, however, if the trap is accessible why not have a clean-out plug? Makes sense to me.

As long as it is 2" minimum. no problem.

Hi Jeff!

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I am talking about traps that I could get to.

Would this also be true on bathtubs, soaking tubs, that the traps can be glued in. Why is this a practice? Educate us.

IMO, if the trap is glued, it is no different than elbows, 45’s, couples and wyes. Do you think all those should have access panels as well?

That’s my point - when the house is finished, you can’t “get to” this trap.

I was always under the impression that traps that are accessible should be able to be taken apart. I guess this is not true. Thats why I enjoy this website, education.

:shock: Good Grief! What if it were cast iron?

a way that it was explained to Me years ago Gary that might make it easier to grasp is that You are much more likely to need a snake to clean a shower or tub drain…and many of these traps and drain assemblies are covered by drywall ceilings…You certainly would not want a light weight removable trap in that inaccessible location because most likely the first time a snake was run through it you would cause it to leak requiring a costly repair…sink traps on the other hand are generally much more accessible and on occasion the recipient of a dropped ring. ear ring. contact lense ect…a light weight removable trap can be a real life saver if someone just dropped their wedding ring…just the way it was explained to me and made sense…jim