Trash agents in the Great State of Texas

I completed an inspection Tuesday for a young lady, who i have previously inspected for on a different home where the roof was damaged and deficient. During conversation with her current agent regarding, the so called agent suggested that the young lady go ahead and purchase the home and then file a claim with her insurance company later. The young lady just missed the closing table on the previous home that she was under contract on which I inspected by an hour due to her previous substandard agent being negligent who told her that the foundation didn’t need repairs because the buyers agent said so. Even though I marked the foundation deficient with pictures describing the deficiencies on my report. Between the offices requiring an inspector to join there illegal vendor network program in order to obtain referalls, the shady agents, and the garbage being sold on the patch, paint and flip market. I find it difficult to believe that legal and ethics standards of practice are enforced.

That is fraud.

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If the agent is that bad and it’s fraud, can you or the client report them to TREC in Texas? If a claim can be filed due to the damage the seller can file a claim to their insurance before closing. The buyers insurance wouldn’t cover it since the damage occurred before the policy went into effect.


I would have immediately said something after that statement. Even when agents say something during my inspections I write a summary contradicting their stupid statements in my report. I look out for my clients as much as I can.

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It’s only illegal if they get caught, and they only get caught if they are reported. Did you or your client report them??

I’ve had a conversation with my client regarding, and not only did the agent not receive a copy of my report. Her number has been blocked.

My client washed her hands with the first scenario and she’ll likely get a new roof installed legitimately regarding the second home. I have nothing to report because it was verbal and can be called hear say.
I’ve been trying to get the vendor network programs abolished in Texas for 6 years.

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“so called agent.” Be clear. Licensed or friend.
Please reply.

Hearsay unless others act as witness of fact.

Agent: 1. Lodge a complaint with a local municipal consumer protection agency or group.
2. Inform the reality of the realtor ethical disregard and what transpired, in writing.
Verbally mention this looks bad for all of us.


Excellent idea, I need to remember that.
When most agents show up, they are basically a distraction anyway.