Travel in Atlanta will never be the same...

To get the Jimmy Carter Library…turn left on MLK Blvd…then right on Obama Street…go two miles, then turn right on MLK Dr…go through two traffic signals. then turn left on Obama RD… take the fork to the right on MLK Avenue until it deadends at Obama International BLVD…turn left and it sits at the corner of MLK and Obama. :shock:

Sorry you can’t get there anymore by simply making a right off Hayseed Lane, Hick Highway or Redneck Road, all traffic must now turn left on New World Order Way or you will be hopelessly lost on the back roads of what used to be. :mrgreen:

Seriously, we have more MLK roads in Ga. than the rest of the world put together, every town has at least one. But at least we only have one Jimmy Carter! :D:D

Here Ken, maybe this will help in avoiding the Obama New World Express.

Redneck’s Road Atlas
Pedestrian Crossing


I saw that sign in Chicago!

It’s universal, we’re a redneck friendly State. :smiley:

I rest my case.

Man someone in GA needs to get more creative with atreet names.
I thought there were a lot of Peachtree’s when I lived there.

So what’s your point. I guess I understand your concern. It makes it more difficult for you to drive downtown with your sheet on.

So sad, but you are entertaining. Keep up with the helpful posts. :mrgreen: