Travel upcharges

Although I rarely need to travel outside of my near geography to do inspections, sometimes I will do so as a favour for past clients etc.

How do you charge for distance / travel? Do you include a certain number of clicks for free in the basic inspection charge and then add travel kilometer charges after that threshold distance is exceeded? How many kilometers are “free”? What do you charge per kilometer after the threshold distance?

I do the first 80km free round trip then it’s .45C per km. or the other way is up your fee for the extra distance if you can do a rough estimation on the phone either time or km to get there.

I have a simalar structure, 1 hour from my office which is almost 90KM then $45 per hr. I use the mapquest to calculate the distance and work it from the time estimated that it calculates, this way I deduct 1 hr and charge out the rest.
They can see it for them selves and its an honest way to guage the times, fair for all.

nothing formal. If the house if farther away, I bump it up my price list to the next size house.

I track distance via google maps
75 miles included in fee.
Fuel surcharge $25.00 after 75 miles
.50 per mile after 75.

I dont openly offer breakdown of cost, unless asked to do so.

This is what I do. I just estimate the cost. I don’t have time to sit, get the distance, times that by the money per kilometer. I go to an island that has a $18 fee to cross the bridge and its a pain to get on and off, so I just charge an extra $30.

I charge by county.