Traveling with the girls...

I just got back from Kentucky and I’m well positive I have seen every rest stop and toilet along the way. There and back for heaven’s sake.
I’m not new to this , but crying out loud. When traveling with the girls every rest stop or exit ten miles down the road means that they gotta pee. What up with this crap anyways…Huh?
Any one of you guys ever been there?
Well! I came up with a solution. I think I’ll patent it. Just designed it a few minutes ago.
What do you think …LOL!

My father was way ahead of his time… he always kept stowed in the car a non-sexist device… made no difference boy or girl… we all used the same while driving down the road… NO stopping!

After use… the contents got dumped out the window!

Ahhh… the times they have changed… :blank:

They already make snap on seats :slight_smile:


They already make snap on seats :slight_smile: Been using them for years on the pontoon boats for the ladies :slight_smile:

When my uncle was 4 or 5 years old Grandpa took him to Canada to go fishing they had always drove as far north as they possibly could back then and while on the gravel, potholed road uncle Ronnie is begging to stop and pee… well Grandpa hands him a coke bottle and tells him to pee in the bottle a few seconds later the sound of piss hitting the carpet is heard, and they look back and Ronnie has got the bottle sitting on the floor on one side of the hump and is standing on the other side trying to pee in the bottle:mrgreen:

Funny:mrgreen:, thanks for the laugh;-)

LOL! Man, to be following…:shock:

I really like to think he checked first, but, well, he is my father, if I am any indication! :razz:

Zackly! :mrgreen:

I remember one time decades ago, rolling down the interstate, there were four of us in the van, I was sitting shot gun, and one of the guys in the back says “I gotta piss”, well the driver is set on not stopping, we pass 3 exits with a very verbal guy in the back seat saying “I GOTTA PISS”, and ready to kick drivers ash… Well he slides the side door open and starts pissing out the side door… well the wind is whipping around the van and sprays everyone with piss…, everyone is screaming at the driver and ready to kick his ash and he pulls over on the side of the interstate so the guy can finish. Aw Fock, that was not a good day, glad I’m still alive and can laugh at this now.

Yes! I know, but mine comes with a paper holder…:slight_smile:

Why would an a-s-s wipe need a b-u-t-t wipe? :shock:

Whom are you referring too? Them’s fighting words :slight_smile:

I was wondering who was going to take it personally.

We can’t unless we know who you were refering too :slight_smile:

JJ was referring to himself…:stuck_out_tongue: