TREC approved courses under new rules

Is there a way to narrow down the list of Internachi’s online classes that have been approved under TREC’s new rules? I see many that were approved years ago but have not come across any for 2014.


They’ve all been submitted to TREC and TREC signed for receipt of them on December 3, 2013 (prior to TREC adopting ARELLO approval requirement). While waiting on them, we decided to submit our courses to ARELLO for approval, just in case.

… and what is the update?

I’m assuming no response from TREC and thus the online INachi courses can’t be used for TREC CE license renewal under the current rules?

No response yet. But they only told us about wanting retroactive ARELLO approval for our 8-hour Legal/Ethics course in May of 2014, even though it was received (I have the FedEx tracking) for approval on December 3, 2013 (6 months earlier)… before the new rules took place. After that, we decided to submit all our courses to ARELLO for approval. We like course approvals. :cool:

Tnx Nick.

TREC not being “on top” of questions and such is not unusual.

They tend to operate on a “when I get around to it” schedule it seems from time to time.

I sympathize with them being behind. We are often swamped at InterNACHI.

I’m not so pleased that they expected a course submitted (and received) before the rule change to magically comply with requirements adopted later. Hypothetically, if they take a year to approve courses, change the requirements every year, and insist on previously submitted courses to some how magically meet future requirements… no course could ever acquire approval.