TREC approved InterNachi CE courses

Has anyone had difficulty with TREC accepting certificates fromt the CE courses completed on-line?

Haven’t tried yet, but was thinking about it. Please let us know what happened/happens.

Actually I was very surprised when I recently took a TREC approved INACHI CEU course! I was told that when you are complete with the TREC approved courses that INACHI sends TREC a confirmation email that you did complete the course so TREC can credit you. I doubted it so I emailed TREC after taking the course and they not only confirmed that but also told me the course was already logged into my file as a result of the INACHI email.

Now the courses that have not been officially approved by TREC might require you to send in the certificates. I also, just to be safe, sent in all of my anyhow under PO, Certified Return Receipt.

We auto submit them for you all:


Are only the currently TREC approved courses automatically submitted?


I have been working with TREC for the past year getting the courses approved and speaking with Sylvia Busk in the education dept. She did state that they will need you to also submit the certificate of completion when your renewal comes due. Call me direct with any questions at 303.502.6214.

Keep up the good work Lisa.

Thank you Lisa and Nick for the TREC approved offerings. I feel that the educational offerings are a very strong reason for Texas inspectors to join Internachi. Well worth the cost of membership.

Is the Legal Class for TREC updated to 8 hours yet since this is what TREC requires for 2014?