TREC Compliant comments and narrative library for Spectora?

I’ve seen some purchasable comments/narrative libraries for Spectora that I would love to have access to as a brand new inspector. However they don’t seem to be TREC compliant. The TREC Template that you can download for free is “ok” but it doesn’t have the SOP loaded in like the others do and there are very few comments/narrative. Is there one available? Thank you an advance, anything would be helpful.

Perhaps @kshepard has some ideas.

Welcome to our forum, Lamont!..Enjoy! :smile:

contact Kenton here:

Lamont, I sell a Library of about 7500 narratives, but I don’t have them in the Texas format in Spectora. They are available in Word/Excel format. You can check them out here.

Kenton I’ve seen your narratives and was very interested. I see you have a Texas Specific one for Whisper, do you plan to make one for Spectora? Is there a way for me to integrate the narratives/comments the TREC 7-5 template?

I wish there were an easy way for me to provide that but there just isn’t, Lamont. I haven’t had enough requests to justify the time required to create one. It is available as a collection of Word documents and as an Excel spreadsheet, but that requires using it as an actual library and entering comments one by one as you need them, or spending some free time incorporating them into your working template. You can see the Word/Excel versions here.