TREC E&O For Multi-Inspector Firm

Regarding E&O in Texas…

What does TREC require for more than one inspector, who work under
the same company, to show as proof of E&O insurance?

Can they show they are covered by the company they are under (one policy) ?
or… Do they have to have their own separate policy?


TREC Form REI 8-0 is required to be signed by the issuing insurance agency to attest that a licensee is covered under a policy, either a single entity or a group policy. See the attached form, especially section 7. My understanding is that each individual licensee will need that document, in their name, when they renew their license. In other words, there is no generic form that an insurance company can provide that would show blanket coverage for all inspectors at a multi-inspector firm. I’ll be at TREC HQ tomorrow and will try to confirm that.

REI-8-0-CertificateOfInsurance.pdf (34.5 KB)