TREC Fails to post meeting on web

[FONT=Book Antiqua][FONT=&quot]TREC posted an Inspector Committee meeting in the Texas Register but failed to post it on the site everyone monitors. The meeting occurred last week. Agenda topics were substantial and public opinion not heard. I have requested a secretary report to determine decisions that may have been made. I suspect vital information will be submitted to the Commissioners at their next meeting.

I have asked if this omission is legal and will post reply. I believe there is no formal law that requires posting of any advisory meeting since the last statute change. It is probably legal to skip the posting. Lesson learned: watch the Texas Register and not the TREC site. I am attempting to register with Secretary of State for an email notification of all TREC postings. Will advise of success.
Agendas attached[/FONT]

John, I too missed the meeting but I do know of one Houston inspector that was there. Maybe we should have a conference call with him to let him describe what he heard.

Of more interest is how did he know about the meeting, who did he represent and what did he say in comments

I’ll send you a separate e-mail.

Register at this email and request notifcation of TREC postings to the register. I did today and they confirmed in 1 hour. Supposedly I will get notice of ALL TREC Texas Register information including Open Meetings

E-mail Notification: Users choose agency(ies) they wish to receive email notification about. Email contains information about proposed, adopted, withdrawn and emergency rule submissions accepted for filing, including rule number(s), type of action, and Texas Register issue date. This service also includes notification of open meetings, requests for proposals, public hearing notices, and other miscellaneous submissions as well as notification of inclusion of adopted rules into the *Texas Administrative Code *database. To receive e-mail notification, please contact the Texas Register at 512-463-5561 or

ok ty

The TREC-IAC Standard of Practice Sub-committee has scheduled a teleconference for Tuesday, 12/1. If possible, I’ll ‘attend’ this teleconference meeting and report my notes here after the meeting. The agenda is:

  • Call to order
  • Discussion and possible action to recommend to the Inspector Advisory Committee on whether work will continue on the Commentary to the Standards of Practice.
  • Discussion and possible action to recommend to the Inspector Advisory Committee as to where in the Rules of the Texas Real Estate Commission the proposed Commentary to the Standards of Practice shall be placed.
  • Discussion and possible action to recommend to the Inspectors Advisory Committee that the Inspectors Advisory Committee request funding from the Texas Real Estate Commission for an independent, unbiased attorney to advise the Inspectors Advisory Committee so that the Inspectors Advisory Committee can properly represent the interests of the consumers of the State of Texas in inspection related matters. (Yeah, like that will happen, it’s been shot down before)
  • Request for new business agenda items
  • Adjourn

Kill the Commentary in the second bullet and all the other items are not needed.

The educational aspects are fine however any item that redefines the SoP must be adopted directly into the SoP Rule. We cannot have a Rule define a Statute and a Commentary define a Rule. Total confusion.