TREC Inspectors Committee Notes

Here are my personal notes from Friday and Saturday’s TREC Inspector’s Committee meeting. This was the first meeting of the newly restructured Inspectors Committee and a huge amount of work was accomplished.

TREC_IC_102607.pdf (174 KB)


As usual you are doing a great service for Texas Inspectors!! I certainly appreciate your efforts and thank you!!!

You’re very welcome.

Thanks Michael.


As I noted on the IN Forum … thanks so much for your dedication and time to collect this information for all of us.

I appreciate all you have done and continue to do for us.

Thanks Mike, we all owe you!

Mike, Good job and accurate represtation of the events.

Thanks Michael. We appreciate it!

You’re welcome Chris.
So, “FICC”…joined the board over a year ago but this is your 1st post? You must have been at the meeting. No need for anonymity here…tell us who you are :smiley: .

Thanks for always taking the time to post these notes Michael. Very much appreciated.