TREC just approved dozens of InterNACHI's free, online inspection courses.

We’ll post them in the licensing forum tonight.

Approvals being announced here now:

Just in time! I have 7 hrs to do for my upcoming renewal.:smiley:

Heck with those approvals underway I might even reconsider and plan to renew my license in 2018.

Food for thought anyway.

**Excellent!!! **

Good! Since I broke my foot, I thought I would catch up on some CE.


And what the he!! were you doing going about to break your foot? Don’t become a ‘great’ burden on your wife.

Hope you take care and get better quickly.

Well I’ve been a burden to her for 35 years! :slight_smile:

Actually I’d like to say that I jumped out of a burning high rise while rescuing 3 babies, 2 puppies and prevented 2 armed robberies on the way down…

But I was doing yard work and stepped off the deck missing the step and hearing a “snap”! Doc said 4 weeks. Picking and choosing what inspections I can do right now.