TREC Meeting Notes from Oct. 8th

Here are my notes from today’s TREC meeting in Austin. As usual, my comments are in blue. Remember, I’m just the messenger here folks :smiley:
100807 Notes Rev A.pdf (48.6 KB)


Thanks for your time, effort, and info.

At least there was a showing.

You’re welcome! There was a huge turnout of HI’s today. There was around 200 folks in the room with probably 125 of them HI’s or HI educators.

Michael, I’m interested in Richard Whitsett’s comments. Do you recall what the jist of his argument was?

With the proposed changes to the Texas ‘fast track’ method of obtaining a license then many inspectors that were in the process of getting their 448 hours of training were thrown a curve ball. The requirements changed to include 5 years experience in addition to the training. The schools were not adequately notified nor were they able to quickly provide the necessary changes to the curriculum in a quick manner. Both the schools and the current crop of students objected and TREC modified the proposed education/experience rules to accommodate them. Richard just wanted assurance from TREC that current students were properly taken care of and would not have issues when it came time for them to apply for their license. I’ll try to edit his comments from my recordings and post them here if I can.

You can listen to Richard’s comments here:

re Fred Wilcox comment: geez, where does he live or does he own a HI school?

Mike you did a great job with the notes. Here is a beta page to review. It is my editorial opinion based on sound clips. If you see any inaccuracies advise and I will revise.

John, I responded to you via e-mail with my observations.

Ron, not sure which quote you are refering to but make sure you read the Rev A version of the my notes. There was a typo in the original version on one of Fred’s comments that I corrected.

Gotta love Godon Foxs’ comments. Every bit is true and surely not something that the comish wanted to hear. Me thinks he used a bit of reverse psychology on them. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Too damn funny!

John, you are right on regarding Gordon’s comments. I heard from several folks including Cahill and Foster that Gordon’s tongue was planted firmly in his cheek. For those of us that do not know Gordon then it wasn’t quite as obvious. He fooled even the commissioners…kudo’s to him!