TREC meeting

The Texas Real Estate Commission met to vote on new rules for inspectors. They all passed without discussion.

  • Texas Association of Real Estate Inspectors (TAREI) did not show up
  • ASHI did not show up
  • TPREIA (Houston group) did not show up
  • InterNACHI did not show up
  • Foster, chairman of inspector committee for 20 years, did not show up.
  • Willcox- on inspector committee for 20 years, did not show up.
  • Other 7 members of inspector committee did not show up
  • no lobbyist showed up
  • no industry leading inspection company showed up
  • 1 inspector showed up and listened.

I did not show up. I am censuring TREC and or am apathetic. I will have as much affect as Rangel’s censure.

Yep, and one of those new rules that was adopted was the lowering of the pass rate for the inspector’s exam. Two of those first 4 entities above spoke at the Sept TREC meeting In Favor of lowering the score (helps keep the schools in business). One spoke against it and the fourth was not present. Maybe it’s best they not show up in the future.

John, you said it best a few month’s ago to TREC…“You’re job is not to provide as many new inspectors as possible, your job is to provide consumers with the best educated inspector”. I’m paraphrasing there so I may off a little on the precise wording but that was the gist.

It is ashame that the Inspector associations DID NOT take a stand against the changes of lowering the test score. Each of these groups claims to be a “Consumer Advocate” and claim to help provide “Consumer Protection”. Yet these very changes are a major blow to consumer protection.

Possibly one day the consumer will actually be held in higher regard and their welfare truly looked after by those who claim to do so and that would include the associations as well as TREC!