TREC Meetings

Members please be aware that TRECs inspector advisory council is hosting the education subcommittee meeting Wednesday and the enforcement subcommittee on Friday.
Both are accessible by teleconference and you should be listening in.
There is much going down at TREC that affects you.

What is the phone no. To get on the teleconfrence and times?

The phone numbers are not typically posted. In the past you had to ask. The meeting is over for now. Another coming in October. TREC staff has suggested a Rule be passed that prevents any contract language from being in the report. They specifically exclude “limits of liability” and “right to inspect” clause. They say they do not regulate contracts but they do not want it in the report. It’s controversial. I just did open records request for the cause of the recommendation. I will create a Google site and post correspondence on the site. Email and InterNACHI (plus others) = transparency.

Education rule discussion seems to make it more complex than now. One person suggested re-testing all inspectors every 10 years. All early in discussion. TREC lawyer is being open and cooperative. TREC has always been open and cooperative . . . it is many inspectors who have their head in a hole. Stay tuned.