TREC online renewal

Is any one else having problems logging in to TREC to renew? After I in put my log in information the header loads and that’s basically it.

Yes, the TREC on-line renewal system has been in turmoil since it was implemented last Sept and it has only gotten worse over time. TREC added another T1 line just last week in an attempt to improve the response and usability of the system and indicated they would add additional T1’s if needed. Botton line, the system is still abysmally slow during normal work hours. I suggest you attempt to use it in the wee hours of the morning. Read more about this at the Division Reports tab here.

Thanks’ Michael I’ll try later tonight.

Mark…the site was working relatively well at 10:45 pm tonight once web traffic diminished. Hope you were able to get on-line and get your renewal completed. Again, TREC is aware of the issues but is not working near fast enough or smart enough for any of us to be satisfied.

I tried at 5 this morning and it went through with out a problem. At least it appears that it did :wink:


Good deal.