TREC renewal token?

By this time in years past I would have had my renewal done but this year I received nothing in the mail, nothing in email, and on the TREC site it asks for a secret token that I can’t get a hold of.

I’ve tried calling Austin a few dozen times and never get through.

Any tips on how I can maintain my livelihood in the coming year? My expiration is Dec 31.


George Szontagh
Since 1990

Go to the main TREC website at . Click on the “My License Online Services” icon at the top of the page. Click on the “Register here” instructions on the lower left of that page and follow the instructions to register and receive the token. Be sure the e-mail response from TREC doesn’t end up in your Junk Mail folder by accident.

If all else fails, refer to the directions at

Thanks Mike.

I’m registered and all that good stuff, but never got a token in email, and email is not blocked because I get stuff like the Advisor from them no problem.

The web site says to call Austin for the token, and the phone message says to check the web site. Hmm.

I will try to email them. My impression w/o knowing any inside stuff is that their transition from paper to cyber has not been a smooth one.


Yes, the transition has been a real fubar but I thought all issues had been fixed several weeks ago. If you registered during the first phase before they went off-line to fix the problems then I can sure see how they could have dropped the ball on sending your token. I registered very early before the problems occurred so my registering went fairly smoothly. Have you tried to re-register or at least go back through that process? I vaguely remember an option somewhere in that process that allowed for re-sending of a previously requested token. Also, double check your Junk Mail, just in case, as that token may not come from the same IP address as the Advisor.

I received an email on September 13, from TREC with the subject “Sign On to the new TREC/TALCB ‘MyLicense’ Online Services”. The bottom of that email had my security token which I successfully used to renew my license.

Look for a similar email. I do think I recall seeing an option to request/apply for another security token online, but that may just be my imagination.

Ho-boy, onward thru the fog. Got a token # finally, and that got me into the renewal area, however it doesn’t offer actual renewal of an active license in the Available Transactions.

Also in the “update contact info” they have my very old Company Name (changed 12 years ago and properly submitted and confirmed at that time). And there is no field for changing to the current Company Name.

I’ll try again tomorrow after a reboot.


Reminder: InterNACHI’s free, online courses are TREC approved for CE:

Otay, all cleared up. Can’t renew until December 1, for a Dec 31 expiration.

George S.
TREC 2212

Glad you were able to get everything in order. I think the old paper renewal system allowed you to renew as far out as 60 days prior to expiration but the new on-line system must only allow 30 days. That’s good to know.

Hi George,

How about posting up how you got the security token for the record? It might be helpful to someone else reading this thread on a future date.

I emailed a request for a token to:

and they graciously answered within a few hours.

I suspect most inspectors will get a token in a timely manner automatically but just in case, email works.

In the old days I renewed in early Oct for a Dec 31 expiration.


Is it prudent to get the token now, eventhough my renewal is late next year?

Just a reminder note at

Hi Bruce,

I would just wait until you are getting close to renewal time and wait for them to send you a token. Looks the system is working pretty well at this point. Just make sure you have a good email contact at your end.

George S.