TREC Reporter now InterNACHI Commercial SOP-compliant.

The retail price is $395 but the InterNACHI member price is $295.

You really will never go wrong with any of George’s products. has something I almost never provide for any vendor… my personal endorsement.

Hi George! Good to hear from you! I would love to talk about WhisperReporter’s features as of course you know :D, but I’m not comfortable using this forum to do that without Nick’s blessing. Hope to see you at the COA in Vegas come this October!

But with that said, I can’t say I’ve looked deep into George’s or any other vendor’s products to be able to compare features. Perhaps we need to at some point since we are asked how WR compares quite often, but we keep pretty busy as it is with inspector feature suggestions for WR and many of our customers do this comparison for us… hmm… maybe that’s where a lot of the suggestions come from?

One thing… having Excel in George’s program is probably a really nice feature to have simply to do calculations… but shhh… calculations in tables is coming really soon in WhisperReporter… um, you didn’t hear that from me :wink: It’s actually already there, just not exposed until I work out the UI for entering formulas.


Hey Eric,

I can’t speak for Nick but I think as long as we keep it clean, we would be OK. In all seriousness, there is a lot of good software out there but there is also a lot of garbage out there too. I’ve lost some sales to you and Larry over the years but I always tell the inspector that they made a good choice.

Software is no different than anything else, it is not so much a matter of one being better than another as it is one fitting a particular individual better than another. Mike and Nolan are trying to look out for their fellow inspectors. It makes sense for us all to look out for each other whether it is in our role as a home inspector or as a software publisher.

Bad software, like bad inspctors, hurts the entire industry. Good competition is good for everyone. There have been people come and go over the years that have left the good guys needing to do damage control at the industry level.

It is better for us, as software publishers, when inspectors do a detailed comparison of software before they buy. The worst thing that can happen is for an inspector to buy software and wonder whether he made the right choice. It is better for all concerned when they make an informed well thought out decision.

I hope to make it to Las Vegas in October but I don’t have any definite plans yet. Last year’s event was good. I hope it is as good this year. Of course, I’ll being looking forward to seeing you and Larry if I go make it there.

The ability to do calculations is one benefit but what makes Office such a fantastic platform is all the hundreds of things that are not normally exposed at the user level. We use ActiveX and VBA extensively to do things that Excel cannot do by itself. We also make good use of the integration of XML with VBA. All our newer user interfaces are written in XML. They are much cleaner and more flexible than the old VBA constructed interfaces. And of course, on the very rare occassion that ActiveX, XML and VBA don’t do the job we can tap into any of the other languages supported by Visual Studio.

Eric writes:

The forum is all yours.

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Nolan K.

George Wells, Mike Boyett and I had an extensive/long conference call on Thursday - 06/14/2012 and were able to go over our respective concerns about the TREC-Mandated Report Template. We focused on the 7-2 version (Note that both the 7A-1 and 7-2 are currently permitted for use and will possibly be replaced with a 7-3 version in 4Q12 or 1Q13).

All of us learned a lot and had a very good discussion about George’s application as it applies to the Texas TREC template.

George has already made substantial changes to the template that were concerns of both Mike and I. We (Mike and I) have also learned far more about the flexibility and capability of George’s product and know that it’s capabilities are quite extensive.

Due to my education/conversation with both George and Mike I can and will support George’s product as a very good application for use by Texas TREC-licensed as well as any other inspectors in other locations for their serious consideration in their inspection business.

There are many good applications out for consideration and George’s product should be in the top tier of one’s consideration.


Nolan K.

Thanks Nick!

Thanks Nolan! There are a few things that TREC needs to clarify in the regulations. As I mentioned on the phone, the inspector’s options with the blank spaces needs to be better explained in the regulations. This comes up frequently in conversations with inspectors.

Thanks Nolan!

Has anybody downloaded the pdf from the TREC website and coverted to a microsoft word doc?

Yes; I downloaded and converted, but it wasn’t easy!