TREC SOP Commentary - DRAFT

You can download and review the latest version to the TREC SOP Commentary here. This draft version covers the Scope/Definitions and Structural sections of the SOP. Other sections will be added in the next couple of months.

Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that the vast majority of Texas inspectors really don’t care about or don’t want to get involved with any of the TREC SOP or rule making activities. At least not until it’s too late and the work is completed and published then the arm chair quarterbacks come out. Oh well…there’s an Inspectors Committee teleconference this morning to continue writing the Commentary. For the one or two interested Texas inspectors I may post an update on my company blog and forego any notices here.


I appreciate your efforts. I will say I do look at this section to see what is going on in Texas. You should consider filling the empty spot coming up. I will continue to view your post on your site.

Spencer…I do know that the few folks that read my ramblings appreciate them, I just wish more Texas inspectors would become involved and post their thoughts and critique, especially of the Commentary that is being written. I just get frustrated at times. For instance, the teleconference is open to all Texas inspectors and can be participated in via GoToMeeting with the right log-in information. Today’s teleconference had the 3 inspectors that are writing the Commentary, a TREC staff attorney, one Inspector Committee public member and 3 inspectors. That’s 3 inspectors out of about 3,000! Even if one simply listens in and watches the editing of the Commentary as I do then I suspect they would get a much better understanding of how things happen at TREC. The Inspector Committee purposely doesn’t widely distribute the log-in information so as to keep participation to a minimum and to keep it as simple as possible for themselves.

Here’s a ‘for instance’ issue that I had with today’s teleconference on the Commentary. The wording being considered for the commentary on crawl spaces strongly suggests that TREC fully expects an inspector to enter any and all crawlspaces he can regardless of the 18 x 24 minimum access stated in the SOP. Well, it can’t be both ways…we are either required to enter a less than 18x24 access or we’re not. The SOP can’t state one thing then the Commentary another.

FWIW…there are no empty slot(s) on the Advisory Committee…12 other, new inspectors had volunteered for 2 open slots in Feb but TREC, apparently having worked a deal off-line with the Advisory Committee chairman, re-elected the two members whose terms were expiring to new 6 year appointments.


I do read and often comment on your posts here. I appreciate you taking the time to keep us informed. Don’t assume that if there is not a lot of dialog that there is no interest.

I had no idea that there was public conference call or what the log-in process was, that said, I’ve been too busy working on my business to try to get involved in the political affairs of the committee (yes I know that they affect me). The fact is, like many other, I must pick and choose where and how to spend my time so that it is best used. I frankly don’t think that the committee is very open to input from the rank and file anyway.

I appreciate your efforts to both keep us informed and represented. I hope you will continue.

P.S. The SOP is already overreaching and I think the commentary will be even more so. It will become a favored tool for attorneys looking to sue HIs.


I would love to get more involved but I have no idea when things are happening at TREC. I applied for one of the “open inspector” slots but was obvously rejected. I never got an acknowledgment for my application or a rejection! It appears that the TREC inspector advisory committee is a closed society! I have some extra time but I do not know what to do to “help” inspectors get the word to TREC>

Bob…you weren’t rejected…the IC chairman simply pulled a coup and quietly convinced the TREC commissioners that the two ‘retiring’ committee members were too involved in the Commentary work for them to be replaced at this time. Instead of simply extending their term a few months the commissioners just appointed them to new 6 year terms. I was shocked when that happened, it really caught me by surprise and I know it disappointed a few inspectors that were looking to get more involved. Since you are just down the road aways you should plan to attend the next live IC meeting here in Austin. I’ll buy lunch. The next IC meeting is scheduled for June 6th but I see the majority of it is planned for an executive session to review test questions. Executive sessions are not open to the public so maybe the next meeting in July or so would be better to attend.

Point taken…

How about next time there’s a teleconference then I’ll post the log-in information here. There will be some politics involved that I will explain later…i.e. currently, there’s only the ability for the teleconference to handle 16 participants at one time. What if 16 inspectors called in and there was no room for the committee members or TREC attorney? The ability to have more participants is there @ GoToMeeting but it would cost TREC significantly more to provide that ability.

I make no promises, but I’ll try.

I’d be interested in that Michael. Let us know when and how and I’m sure some will show.

Let me know when the next teleconference is and I’m in! Let me know when we can go to a meeting and I’ll be there (and not just for the free lunch!).

10-4, I’ll post the meeting date/time here a couple of weeks in advance. Everyone can always watch here also for meeting notices.

Mike B thank you for staying on top of this.

Any chance that the conference calls can be captured and made available as podcasts or mp3 downloads?


George Szontagh
TREC 2212

George…good question. GoToMeeting FAQ’s leads me to think the answer is yes, I can record a meeting to my computer. Problem is going to be size…the teleconferences can last from 2-4 hours so I suspect the file size will be prohibitive, remember, it’s both audio and video (the Word document is shown as it is being discussed & edited).

I am in the same boat as Chuck, Mike. Right down to feeling that the TREC has no interest in truely working with the rank and file and that there is way too much politics involved.

I think they do a horrible and almost criminal job at being in touch with inspectors. I don’t think I ever received anything official from them about the form change, let alone information on meetings and such.

I also really appreciate the work you put into staying abreast of their workings. I could try for a teleconference if I know in advance, but am not sure I could stomach it.

Well, you need to separate TREC from the Inspectors Advisory Committee somewhat. I disagree with the Advisory Committee on a lot of things but I will say that they are all hard working inspectors just like us. Now, one or two of them may have some strange ideas and are hard headed but most of them are open minded and will consider input if presented properly. The TREC commissioners themselves are pretty much out of touch with the inspection world and rely heavily on the Advisory Committee for guidance. I agree that TREC administration does a woeful job of keeping inspectors informed.

OK, here’s a link to the Draft Commentary work that was completed yesterday. Remember, all is still open for discussion if anyone has any ideas. Post them here or I can provide e-mail links to the sub-committee members who are writing the Commentary.

You can preview the documents or even download them at:

I try to keep up with the Texas inspection info. Just too far away to get to Austin. El Paso is not really even Texas to some. I appreciate the posts and any info regarding TREC. I pay my dues and submit CE, thats it as far as TREC.

Thanks again Michael

Understood. Maybe just the audio would suffice?

ASHI for 2009 is now offering their annual conference lectures synchronized with PP presentations as “Webex recorded presentation (WRF) files” though that is probably beyond the scope for your enterprise. This is the future for disseminating info though. I just buy their mp3 lecture files and listen at the gym. For zero credit.

Many thanks.

George Szontagh
TREC 2212