TREC Survey Regarding E&O

Got this email today…

[FONT=Verdana]The Texas Inspector Trade Association Council (TITAC) is a group made up of eight members from the four major home inspector trade associations to let TREC know what Texas home inspectors need. I am your TITAC rep for NACHI.

One of TITAC’s current topics of discussion is “Should E&O insurance be mandatory? Yes or no?”

Please click on this link to let me know your answer. Please feel free to explain your answer if you like. I will forward your answers to the Council.

This anonymous one-question survey will take about 30 seconds to take. We are hoping for full cooperation from all NT NACHI members.

TITAC will be meeting later this month so please respond as soon as possible and feel free to forward this to any other home inspectors who would want their voices heard.

Thank you,
Frank Adame
North Texas NACHI TITAC Representative

I voted for you John – per me, you do not feel E&O should be mandatory. :smiley: