TREC to begin live streaming their meetings.

TREC commissioners meeting are mind-numbing in person, I can only imagine what the streamed versions will be like. Besides, inspector related items are only a very small part of TREC meetings. Sitting though 4-5 hours of RE crap to parse inspector related topics will be brutal. Now, if & when they ever start live streaming Inspector Advisory Committee (IAC) meetings then that’s when all Texas inspectors should get interested and tune in.

Thanks Mike.

As always, I value your opinion.


I listened to most of this meeting. The IAC is working on several important items and are to present these to the TREC commissioners in October. Everyone should pay close attention to these details and be pro-active.


For those of use who could not attend or listen in to the meeting … could you please list those details and important items you noted above?

Thanks in advance.