TREC website

Does anyone know what’s going on with TREC’s website? I have been trying to pull it up for weeks… unsuccessfully. Getting thru on the phone is impossible as well. I know they moved offices… did they change their website address too?

Works fine for me…clear your cache maybe. Try

I cleared the cache… no help. I have 2 desktops, 1 laptop, and an Iphone… can’t get thru on any of them. doesn’t work for me either. ??

Both websites are working fine for me.

Both sites work fine for me.

DNS issue perhaps? Can you get to it via IP address?

No, nothing works. It must be some problem with my home network. I was able to pull up the page on my Iphone using the 3G network. Maybe a router issue???

OK not DNS.

Perhaps it is being blocked by your firewall. Could be at the computer or router. Check your blocked lists.

No problems here either. Used it yesterday as a matter as fact.