Tree Swing Inspection. Another new inspection article from InterNACHI.

Tree Swing Inspection.

Are we running out of subject material???

heck no.

Just razzing:twisted: pretty high tech article there just saying;-):wink:

My thoughts exactly, Charley.

Pretty soon jungle jims will be included in a new SOP section called ‘back yard playground equipment’.

LOL I was thinking the same when I saw this.:slight_smile:

Well you’re right that the basics were covered long ago. We’re creating an extremely robust article database to educate inspectors about everything they may encounter, from mold, asbestos and aluminum wiring to the slightly more unusual stuff. I mean sure, you aren’t expected to inspect a rope swing, but if you can tell the client “by the way, that rope swing is hanging from a dying Silver Birch, you might want to keep an eye on it” they’ll be very impressed. You’ll seem more informed and valuable. And you might even save a life. You can also give these articles to the clients to keep.


Just got this BTW:

Furthermore, these articles are responsible (in part) for the tremendous amount of consumer click throughs to our members’ inspection business websites:

Ok Robust I like robust just never considered a TREE swing very robust;-):smiley:

it can be if You drink enough beer before getting on…

I like the word “robust” because it makes you sound smart even if you don’t know what you’re talking about. Never been called out on it before. Darn. But anyway, the article database is robust, I don’t mean to say any particular article is robust.

Ya getting in deeper and deeper do ya ever feel after making a post ya wished it would just disappear

haha no I’m fine with it. Self-deprecation makes the best humor.

Ok I will quit harassing you, just trying to see how many buttons you had I could push. I just keep repeating the three words Tree Swing Inspection over and over:mrgreen::mrgreen:


Heck no. Just wait til you see Rob’s popsicle stick inspection!

"During the early part of the inspection, the entire stick is typically not visible. Depending on the climate zone in which the inspection is being conducted, the ambient air temperature surrounding the entire popsicle, whether or not the wrapper has been removed and the gastronomic condition of the inspector and client, the wooden armature will most likely become steadily more apparent with the eventual passage of time. Inspectors should be aware that staring at the popsicle will slow the rate at which the wooden armature becomes more visible and increase the length of time required for the overall inspection.

Information indicating the popsicle manufacturer’s identity may be revealed as the visible portion of the armature is increasingly exposed. Other information may include potential winning lottery numbers or information about what can be expected in the purchaser’s future in the fields of general experience, money accumulation, or sexual gratification.

Popsicle stick may be manufactured from a variety of wood species, although some may have been treated with chemical s or burnished to lower the rate of liquid absorption. Popsicle sticks must be graded by a qualified stick grader who must be able to produce upon demand certifications from the National Popsicle Stick Grader’s Association (NPSGA).

Because they are made of wood, popsicle sticks are never perfectly straight but may display a crown, bow or sweep. Checking is acceptable, but splits are not, as they lead to splinters that can become lodged between the tooth and gum.
Discussing the potential uses for used popsicle sticks lies beyond the scope of the popsicle stick inspection.

There is some disagreement among those intimately connected with popsicles about the proportion of stick that may protrude from a new, uneaten, unmelted popsicle. Disgruntled popsicle eaters have claimed recently that popsicle manufacturers are cutting costs by supplying popsicles that are more stick than pop, which generally irritates aficionados and infuriates the dedicated. Manufacturers have countered these accusations by threatening to begin installing the pop at both ends of the stick with the space in the middle so that the popsicle must be held by the middle of stick, in spite of the fact that consumer advocates point out that this is sure to result in dripping all over clean shirts.

Those buying popsicles in third world countries may find that their popsicles produce a different post-popsicle experience from those who eat popsicles produced in countries with health department oversight. Both sticks and pops may contain microorganisms that are happier to meet human hosts than the hosts are to meet them."
But I don’t want to give it all away. stay tuned…

Oh jolly I can hardly bear the wait but I will try to suppress my excitement:D:D