Trends In Local Search Patterns

People looking for a local service have shown the following trend:

Domestically, the Network jumped nine spots to number 24 in April, drawing more than 23 million visitors, a 25-percent increase from March. On a global basis, the Network ranked number 13, according to comScore World Metrix.

More and more people going online to find services and buying property.

Market you inspection company with these trends in mind and let the river float your boat… :cool:

Google and Yahoo about even, interesting John, thanks!

Several studies show that Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) have
a higher ratio of active buyers than those who are
just searching on the internet.

So even though IYP are lower in actual usage, they have
a higher ratio of people ready to buy something. This
raises thier potential to a higher degree than the numbers
reflected in the above article.

Good post John.

yes it is very interesting.
How many read the paper online? I know I do every morning!