triangle tube boiler

Did inspection today that had a triangle tube boiler. Couldnt find a model number anywhere on the unit, only found a serial number inside the cover, P859591. Can’t seem to turn that into a model number anywhere. I’m wondering if this unit is the correct set up as there is no domestic hot water anywhere, assuming it comes off the boiler. When I tested the hot water temp it was 145 degrees. So now after looking at there website I’m wondering if this unit is capable of being used as a boiler & domestic hot water source as they have some models that are capable of both and some are just boilers. If it were capable of both, why would they have it set so hot? Tried calling their phone number off their business listing and it seems like a fax line number.

Also can’t seem to find out how to date it anywhere, any suggestions?

All set was able to find a number for their tech support.