Triangletube Phase III date of manufacture?

Can anyone help me with a date of manufacture of a Triangletube Phase III indirect fired unit (Ser# D3595)? This is a new one for me - never heard of the brand. Thanks in advance.

Never heard of em’.

Give them a ring. They’re not far from you.

TriangleTube/Phase III

Freeway Center
1 Triangle Ln.
Blackwood, NJ 08012
Phone: (856) 228-8881
Fax: (856) 228-3584

Thanks Dave :slight_smile:

I just called them - it’s March of '98. They seem to use a sequential numbering system.

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Might want to check this out:

Thanks Brian - this unit is an indirect-fired unit and has no combustion chamber. I appreciate the thought.

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