Trick or treat (I get the trick)

Got to my late inspection and noticed the crawl space door on the walkway side was a jar (during pouring rain here) Halloween night.
Look inside to take a fast peek and see what I will be crawling through to see water pouring down from above…dang it is one hell of a roof leak or a pipe busted (foreclosure property).Now I am running to the back kitchen door and see water (also hear water) pouring from the ceiling.

My client is right behind me and I tell her the roof must have a gigantic hole so step back and look for it.(I was wrong)

Needless to say I cancelled the inspection and asked everyone to stay out of the home.

The series of photos is self explanatory.(see second page for series)



I shut off the gas ,electric and called the fire department after using my Tiff then spent 2 hours hanging with the cop waiting for a Bank rep to show.

Pretty easy from the one picture to figure what happened.
Everyone but me at first thought it was a burst pipe.



Needless to say we will need to continue the inspection after the place gets dryed out and cleaned up.
Never figured exactly how entry was gained though the front door was open.

Nice catch Bob.

Good stuff Bob, tghat’s why you are the man…:wink:


It takes a useless POS to do that. Any idea how long it had been running?

My best guess is it occured about an hour before arrival and if not scheduled it would have been spraying for days.
Living room carpet was saturated and I saw a big chunk of ceiling fall as I stopped my video.
It was pouring like crazy.

I told the guy on arrival he better get rid of that Romex cr-p on clean up (not allowed here)and the fixture was hanging by the conductors in the water and move the electrical panel from behind the damn double stack laundry. (pushmatic) as I had to place my arm on the metal to hit the main.

Look at the one shot and you can see the guy must have removed the flue to get at the copper.(what an idiot)

Oh yeah the water was hot still.

Well some one needs to be glad that was your late inspection, or it may still be running. Good find

Thanks.Not happy will be going back and looking at a crawl space furnace however.
Sure there are many thoughts on that setup.

Water heater in kitchen,etc.Small 1929 home with one bedroom.

Welcome to mine and Sean and Davids world Bob. That is a everyday Inspection here

Vandalisism or wet crawls?

Guess the copper thief got a surprise when his sawz all finally cut thru and water kept on spraying him and ran off. Prob thought water was turned off. Im sure he will learn at the next house to find the main water turn off and shut it down himself. Rookie burglar mistake. Very common getting copper cut outta non lived in houses by me NY

Yep the fire chief said busted pipe and I took a pic then said "looks more like a criminal investigation "

My big mouth had me there much longer…lol
I even fixed the rear door latch.

Hope I do not get into trouble as I turned valves and even incriminate myself with that gas meter pic…lol
Just glad it was easy to turn with small hand pliers…no channel locks with me…


Well lets see the pics then Wayne.
You one of those guys who call pictures fluff ? :stuck_out_tongue:

No Bob i take about 200 pictures each inspection , Post lol well i could i guess but at the end of the day writing **** up and adding pictures Last thing is going through pictures for entertainment purposes is on my mind , I do post a few here there . I start a HFCYBTO FOLDER and start posting

Me speakish English.

Figure it out Bob (Holy f can you this one )

How about the cozy cabin for the handy man

Slight negative grade rear yard;-)

Still trying to get past that statue in the first and the porch in the second picture.
Do I see a guy playing banjo up there ?