Trick or treat (I get the trick)

LOL this was wed 400.000 log home yes i think you have a problem up there

Yes there was String instrument playing in the back ground on the first one . I belive it was Sean squirrel hunting though

Ha ha
Think I’ll stick with the copper stealing crack heads.

Want to know the funny part i walked away from the first one Gave her enough to get her down payment back How ever she decided to go ahead with it I think it was the statue that secured the deal

I know this is an ancient thread, but is there any chance that the vent piping pointed directly at the fittings caused the joint to fail?

Resurrected zombie thread

Somehow I think it’s unlikely that the vent made a hacksaw cut in the top of copper water pipe.

I know this is an old thread but Bob I sure hope you have improved your picture quality. Some blurry pictures and some that don’t have very good quality. Perhaps you have bought a new camera since then and taken a few pictures for practice??? LOL. :mrgreen::roll:;-):shock: