Tricky Basement Dilemma

I’m an inspector from Manitoba, Canada and I’m getting a fair number of basements that are properly studded, insulated, polied and drywalled. But the common thing to do is to remove the drywall, poly and insulation in specific sections of basements to make room for a cold storage area. They then insulate interior walls to contain the cooler temperatures. I’m finding that these areas usually contain mold growth. Is there a better way to build a basement cold storage than to remove these necessary components?

Curtis Hildebrand
Kingdom Home Inspections

Curtis…try search function at the top of this M-Board…type in “Building Science”…lot of information available.

It appears improper air circulation in these storage cellars are the cause of the mold, I have found in my area.

Add a de-humidifier. Basements, being underground, are natually moist.

Hope this helps;