Trilliant Home Power Systems

This was the first time I ran into one of these systems with the plastic boxes and the funny looking breakers. Everything looked fine inside the sub. Neutrals and grounds were seperated and the grounds were bonded to the box. My question is? How are the grounds bonded to the box if the box is plastic. Is there a long bonding screw that intersects with the service panel which was directly behind the sub? Any thoughts on this would be great.

I am a member, not sure why the system is saying otherwise.

Wasn’t there a fourth wire connecting the grounding bus to the main panel?

If the box was plastic, it can’t be bonded to the grounds. Not that it’s not allowed, but that it is physically impossible to bond (electrically) a non-conductive material.

I know that plastic is non-conductive. I had thought someone may be familiar with this system on if there is a grounding lug that may be connected to the main service panel via the sub panel, considering they are back to back to eachother. Thanks.

You don’t need a screw connecting it to the other panel. There should be 4 wires, 2 hots, a neutral connected to the neutral bar in both panels and a grounding wire connected to the grounding bus in both panels. That is your bond.