Triple tapped on main lug

Inspected house built in 1950 today. The house had 4 electrical panels. One had the service entry wires that was 200 amp fused, one was a square D 200 amp breaker, one was a general switch with no main disconnect and the other was a 100 amp breaker for the ac/furnace unit. All the panels service wires were tapped off the main service entry lug. Would all this be acceptable or just a big mess. See Pictures



Nothing I can see even looks close to “acceptable.” That whole mess needs to be corrected.

It’s just a big mess.

It must be “acceptable” in Tennessee. Sean F post photos like that on a regular basis. :stuck_out_tongue:

That AC disconnect must be related to one I had recently.

Suggested narrative:

The electrical system in this house is a big hot mess, that will likely result in a fire or other similar catastrophic malady in 1-3 years.