Probably the worst domain name ever registered.

I couldn’t make a worse domain name if I tried.

I’m with you on that Nick.

They sure spend a lot on advertising… I guess they have to overcome a domain name that no one can remember.

experts exchange had them beat before they reregistered another domain and added the “-”

the old was was being read as
expertsexchange . com


“You are the eggspurt Mark”

I couldn’t resist.

Their commercial drives me nuts. Every 5 minutes Mr Bedhead is trying to convince me how great trivago is. I change the channel.

I don’t know who’s worse, the Trivago guy or the old man who does the E-Harmony commercials. I change the channel when either one comes on.

Yeah, Obama does that to me. Holder too. :wink:

It’s no wonder your so mis-informed. :wink:

Kevin, if you don’t know what Obama and Holder will say before they open their mouths its you that has not been paying attention.:roll::roll:

Yes, that one too.