TRM time release messaging

Anyone with opinion on this feature? I don’t want to be the guy that sends a million emails, but I thought a 3 days after thank you and a 1 month hope your in your new home and please call if you have any questions. Possibly an 11 month we do yearly inspections. Any customers complain about getting emails? Customers get your email and call with issue they want you to be responsible for? (like clogged drain month after move in) Any other messages that you send? Thanks for your thoughts!

I do a three day after with receipt
A 90 day after hoping they are in their new home and inquiring if they have any questions as well as a request for referrals
And a 11 month offering a yearly check up and again asking for referrals … Then yearly there after all through ISN

Works well you pick and choose what you send and when. I do the 2-3 day rate me request, 2 month follow up and 11 month maintenance. You can turn on and off as needed. I have been thinking about adding one maybe a week or so after the inspection reminding them about the value added items that come with the inspection and to make sure to register if needed, like the free subscription to Home Owners Network. The bottom line is its automated and it happens, when I tried to do it manually I was not consistent.

Any negative responses from customers?

In HomeGauge Services our TRM (Time Release Messages) are being used by many. You can create templates for however many times you want to contact your agent or customer. Set the trigger based on days after the inspection report has been delivered. A Thank you in 2 days or as another pointed out a follow up. One of the best marketing ideas is to stay in touch with them every quarter and lead up to offer them to be a part of your “Annual Inspection Program!” After all every home should have an annual home inspection. This is at a reduced price because you can skip windows, burners on stove etc. but your expertise can help spot a minor problem or maintenance item before it becomes major potentially saving them thousands of dollars. We have some templates for users to start with that can be edited or make new ones.

Some inspectors will introduce a contractor in their area to all their customers through a TRM for a fee from the contractor. The contractor gets one of a kind exposure to new people moving into the area and the inspector does not have to give out the customer info. Interested customers will contact the contractor directly.

TRM is included in HG Services