Trolling motor

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Sorry I am too far away to help you.

Before I bought a new motor I would borrow one and try it out . Even if you have to pay a person $50.00 ++ to bring his motor to show you what it does on your boat could be the best $50++ you could spend.

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Paul: I don’t think a stout trolling motor will have any problem moving your displacement hull through the water when there is no wind. I think I would be inclined to go with a 24v unit though. Have you figured out where/how you want to mount and control it? You might have a bit much freeboard for a tiller model. They have wireless remote controlled units now, even GPS guided.

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The US 22 has moderate freeboard and sails straight, also moves well in light winds. One concern I have is storage and 2 batteries is one too many.

No wind coming back would mean a flat lake with no waves, if there is any wind I can raise the Genoa and tack my way back. It isn’t about speed, its about not paddling.

Screenshot of lake.

Even a modest tiller type motor will vastly out paddle you. Probably anything over 40lbs thrust should do on that lake.



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Thanks, one battery and 40 plus lb should work and be easy to store.

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Here ya go Paul!

I would go with a 55!
Checkout Newport Vessels trolling motors on amazon, good prices.:wink: