Trombone Yamaha YSL 354

Great student to intermediate horn.
Includes mouthpiece and hard case.(Stand shown not included)


$155 for NACHI members

Shipping to your location additional.

If you sell it how will you toot your own horn ? lol

With the other 8 I own. :wink:

I have a mouthpiece for one of those. They are big and heavy I can just imagine how the horn is.

You should lift my Holton double rotor bass.

The Yamaha feels like a feather.

i have another smart butt comment but i will not go there .:wink:

No it is not true that I can ply it with other orifices :wink:

Does it have anything to do with Joey kissing his horn??? :shock::mrgreen:

I guess the only heaver horn would be a Tuba? I know the mouthpieces are anyways. A friend of mine manufactures mouthpieces and other parts. I don’t know much but I have heard those Yamaha’s are pretty good horns. I did hear in the news recently of people stealing them for recycling.

Yamaha are good instruments, I have multiple yamaha’s, but have no need for a trombone, is it you that plays them Micheal?


Orchestra and jazz band

Woo, nice Micheal, I play flute, and played in the schools orchestra and wind band, my daughter is playing bass guitar now at 13 and is in the schools concert band, rock and jazz bands, their jazz band is really good. She started guitar classes too, and now wants flute lessons! I haven’t played my flute in many years so need some practice myself before I try to show her anything.

Your prize has been shipped! :smiley: