Trouble identifying something

Disclaimer: I’m a home inspection student at present and working my way through training and education.

Found this in my own house and don’t know what it is… Can anyone help me identify it? Thank you.

A 120V to 16V, or similar, step down transformer. 30TR Doorbell Transformer, 16v 30va.
Typically/usually/normally see them on or in a distribution panel. Many times illegally tapped on a circuit Over Current Protection Device/OCPD, Circuit Breaker lug when dead fronts are removed.

I am curious about the enclosure and plate.
Screw missing on the plate. Top. 2 black wires pinched by the plate entering the inclosure. Hackenbush electrical installation. Look it up:-)


Interesting. Thank you. I’m now researching doorbell transformers. :slight_smile:

It is a transformer. Output Voltages usually are in the 6VAC-24VAC range. They are used for outdoor lighting, security systems, doorbells and chimes, furnaces, lawn irrigation systems, and so on.