Trouble with ITA Expo in Vegas. Am I being a jerk?

We bought 5 booths for the ITA Expo in Vegas. How many passes should we get? Now mind you… I’m NOT looking for any passes to get to any of the educational classes or events, just passes to get into the vendor hall to work our 5 booths.

1 pass per booth?
2 passes per booth?
3 passes per booth?

What do you think is reasonable?

In a former life I used to work 8-10 trade shows a year for my company, we always got 2 passes per booth, more if we sponsored a dinner or cocktail hour.

1 per booth – they will make a buck anyway they can


I had hoped we could bring enough staffers and member/volunteers to give everyone one day off out of the days we need to work the booths and enjoy Vegas a little.

If I had One Booth I would expect at Least two passes so 5 booth at least 10 passes maybe more . If any less then they are not smart Business people and will suffer in the future .
Roy Cooke

They are charging us anyway they can.

If vendor baught 5 booths at the NACHI Convention I would try and comp. there rooms at the hotel, nice dinner or something - anything but charge them more :roll:

Bet the booth are not cheap

Wonder what the big players get charged??


Who gets the profit if there is any .
Roy Cooke

2 passes per booth.

How much is a pass for the vendor area only?

Functions Only Registration (NO EDUCATION SESSIONS) - Inspection Expo 2006 - Fall, 2006 in Las Vegas

Price: **$189.00 **

I’d be signing folks up for the ICC classes Joe…:smiley: …that is cheap!

That price includes much more than just the vendor area.


I would think a reasonable amount would be 2 minimum to allow for washroom breaks,coffee breaks,lunch and dinner breaks.3 would be better,4 would be a good business practice!!!

Please don’t tell me they gave only 1[one] man are they cheap.If they gave you only one.We should boycott these guys next year!!!

My thoughts


Gotta be 2.

I would say that 2 a booth is mimimum. For purchasing 5 booths and speaking at their open houses, 3 per booth and a red carpet rolled out :stuck_out_tongue:
ps-I attended ITA in Nov 04 and recall Nachi being metioned briefly as one of the “other” organizations you could join. Hope that has changed now!

Think about it Nick

At our last two conventions we didn’t limit the vendors period. If they needed help they brought em in. But if you look at the A$hi site they allow two and then up charge. Oh, I forgot the connection between the two.

Two is the norm, just remind then what was offered to them from us


Vegas is best enjoyed after normal convention hours.:twisted: :wink:

Well, here is my thinking…

First, ITA has treated us very well with regard to our listing on their EXPO Exhibitors page. Read: I’m not happy about them calling ASHI the largest when we all know ASHI is lying about being the largest, but so be it.

Having said that, NACHI bought 5 booths because NACHI has a lot going on. I figure I need 2 member volunteers or staffers working each booth. Furthermore, because Vegas is Vegas, I was planning on giving everyone one of the days of the Expo off. This means that I need at least 3 per booth if we want anyone to have lunch breaks and a day off to hit the Casinos. So 15 would be barely enough… they will only give us 5 (1 per booth). I’ve called some of the other vendors and they are all allowed as many as they need to man their booths… which is part of what makes the vendor hall a success for ITA.

1 per booth with no extras so that we can take a break or a day off, while other vendors get as many as they need, seems unfair… especially since we ARE THE big player. I believe we have more booths than any other vendor.

If this is how a purchaser of 5 booths is going to be treated, we can probably expect that ITA will permit ASHI to operate a no-requirement, just walk up and shazam, you is an inspecta Satellite Diploma Mill again like they did at ITA’s Miami Expo in May. ASHI knowing we are sensitive to their operating a diploma mill taunted us the during the whole event by operating their Satellite Diploma Mill using their come-only-with-cash application The only piece of literature at the ASHI booth.

I can see it now, ITA permitting ASHI to operate their satellite diploma mill again while we struggle to man our booths for days, understaffed.

Maybe we bail on this one.


Maybe you should bail!!I would at least threaten to bail[and mean it]just to see there response,who knows they might take a new position and give you 10 passes.

Just my thoughts Nick


P.S.Allready booked my flight and hotel for Vegas,if we boycott them,I guess I will just take in the sites and gamble!!!