Trouble with ITA Expo in Vegas. Am I being a jerk?

As an exhibitor in previous venues, I have always been given 2 passes per booth. With that said, Nick you also have to think about the other organizations that have speakers at this convention and the fact that they are already in ITA’s Back pocket…I think I explained this in an email to you about one of their instructors that will be there. I hope you can get this resolved and if you need any help, please feel free to contact me.

I think at this late date there is alot of money riding on it and would give Nick the look of being the “Diva” type.

I would definitely call them on it and let them know that YOU KNOW that the other vendors get unlimited passes. Put some pressure on.

That being said, I’ll volunteer to help man the booths so that people can take breaks and stuff. Even if I don’t get a pass. I’ll pay the $189 to get in. I have that one free night, and I can always stay in the car the second night.

I forgot, I just talked to Jeanie today at ITA and can call back and raise hell, Lord knows ive spent many $$ for their classes.

I’ve worked these shows before. No one checks the names on the passes. Just that you have them.

So go on break, pass it to your replacement and keep on keeping on.

I 2nd that Jeff

If any member is going to the EXPO and wants to give one of our staffers a break by manning the NACHI booths, please come to the booth and offer, even if for an hour.

I’ll see what Dee can do about this problem.

I would be more than happy to do that.

Yep, my offer still stands.

Nick, what does your contract say with regards to being an Exhibitor?

Many under-appreciate just how much is going on at NACHI. Our booths are not like other exhibitor’s (insurance companies or whatever). NACHI is into 50 million things, not just one product or service. At the ITA show in Miami, Jackie spent 2 days at the NACHI booth just setting up free websites for the members who attended.

Brian, I gave the exhibitor contract to legal today (after I signed it), but something new I noticed at the end of it was (I believe) directed at ASHI. ASHI, knowing how hard I am working to kill no-entrance-requirement associations, taunted us the whole time by operating a satellite diploma mill smack in the middle of the exhibitor hall. The new language in their contract makes me think ASHI will be prohibited from doing that again in Vegas.

I think your missing the point Jeffery.If someone has 1 , 2 or 5 booths at a convention,I would think that it would be standard practice to give out as many passes as needed to operate these booths effectively.

I got the point. And I think they are being asinine. I was just offering up a solution.


You know I will be there,If I can help in any way please let me know and I will.

We took a little shot at ASHI in Miami. If you look at the bottom PIC in you will see a little blue ASHI logo on the extinct dinasour on the right, with the NACHI space shuttle flying overtop. But we thought it minimal compared to running a Shazam, you be an inspecta satellite diploma mill like ASHI had the nerve to do. ASHI tried to provoke us in Miami with that stunt.

Good Nick.:smiley:
I can not believe that you would not be given at least 2 badges per booth for the Expo.:frowning: That’s just wrong.

I’m trying to be a good sport.

The exhibitor contract prohibits taunting of other exhibitors and we’re going to abide by it. Another exhibitor closely associated with NACHI (you can probably guess who I’m talking about) saw that ITA has ASHI listed as the largest inspection association and so created shirts that said…

“NACHI, the oldest inspection association.”

He was going to have his whole staff wear them and if corrected by ASHI members, he was going to have his staff say… We know it is incorrect. But ASHI says they are the largest when in fact NACHI is. So we say NACHI is the oldest when in fact ASHI is.

It was funny but I talked him out of it.

Lets have a ball, not a brawl.


Greg & I will be there, we are not scheduled for any classes and would be more than willing to help out, you can count on us for a few hours each day.

I read the whole packet and it said nothing about a booth person limit. They are making these rules up as they go.

Hi Deanna,

I may be wrong here but when Dave Bush and I did this show 2 years ago they gave us 2 passes.